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leather corset belt aesthetic

When I created the Elena corset a few weeks ago, it was late at night, close to 3am, and I was having one of my 'too much coffee, to many ideas' sessions when I needed to make all the things I thought of that week, to bring them from though into being & cleanse my mind of them. 

I had wanted a leather corset for years, but somehow the idea of making one myself has scared me; surely I didn't have what it takes to design, let alone create one? 

My work is very minimalist, and any corset I was going to create had to fit my style of simple, functional, fuss-free pieces that can withstand a lifetime of use, yet still be delicate and pretty enough to work with vintage, retro or modern outfits seamlessly. 

When designing the corset, I had this vision of a solitary walk, an ethereal morning, long dress, mist in the air, and all the soft fairy tale magic of that early morning walk from 'Pride & Prejudice' that makes us all sigh... 

Then one of the dogs walked into the workshop (Masha often wakes up and takes a tour of the workshop in hopes of some extra cuddles) and I had a reality check; I'm not Keira Knightley strolling through a field, at 5am, free as a bird. My morning walks involve holding onto dear life on 3 dog leads as each dog pulls into a different direction, muddy boots, a coat that catches every branch in the way, hair dancing wildly in the wind. No Mr. Darcy walking into my direction, except maybe another dog owner, stirring up a lot of drama among my little pack of dogs. 

leather workshop

Yours truly, wearing the Elena corset in dark chocolate, immediately scratched by Ava (brown) whilst Masha (B&W) watched unbothered

So were I going to create a corset, it would have had to be whimsical enough to pass the romantic vibe check, yet practical enough for every day life, with its messy moments. The final stroke of genius was making it a touch up more versatile by allowing you to transform it from a corset to a regular belt and back, within a few seconds. Thus, The Elle belt becomes the Elena corset in one simple step!

I believe I have managed to tick all boxes, but I let you be the judges of it!

Bellow are a few images with the Elena corset & Elle belt in tan. Styling and imagery by Donatella Brusca, Italy. 


tan leather corset belt

leather belt corset outfit inspiration

tan leather corset with removable belt.

tan leather belt for women

leather waist belt

Images copyright: Donatella Brusca, 2023

You can find more of her work here



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