When life & work collide in a soft crash

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leather camera strap

I've gone and done it. 

I've packed away all Chrome tanned leather, deactivated LOTS of products, including most long-time bestsellers & I sat down to re-make them using vegetable tanned leather. 

The year has just started and I'm elbows deep into this massive project that is obviously taking twice longer than I anticipated, so in order to preserve what's left of my sanity, I set out on long forest walks whenever there's a gap in the clouds. 

evergreen forest

The Lake District is a miserable affair this time of the year, but I managed to find an evergreen forest within minutes drive from home & it's been my safe haven this cold season. 

On Monday the weather was dry enough for a few hours, so I ventured on a long hike expecting nothing. I've managed to pack a dog walk, product photography for a few new camera straps and maintain a conversation with my hiking buddies while snapping away photos of fir tree branches and elusive forest pathways. 

As some of you might now, I'm a chaotic workaholic with a deep love for slow living, so when I'm not the embodiment of ADHD, I am the opposite: grounded, calm, wistful. On rare occasions I hit the sweet spot between my two contradictory personalities, and I get to create some meaningful work while staying in the "slow & intentional" zone. 

Here's an ode to days like that. 

forest photography

dog in the forest


A new design of Wrist camera straps is coming to the shop next week

leather camera strap

wrist camera strap

Forest photography

forest photography

dog portrait


These could have easily fitted in an instagram post but I find social media so exhausting these days. 

Hope you enjoyed this insight into half a day of life/work balance. 

Let me know your thought :)



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