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It's officially the end of Minustudio.co as we knew it. 


Antique brass candlestick


I am fully embracing its new identity as a photography & styling studio with occasional shop updates consisting of photography props, antiques and vintage homewares. For the longest time, I kept clinging to the idea of rare leather good collections making an appearance, but after a year of running a very successful coffee shop, I found that my time is worth so much more these days, and spending every spare minute of it making leather goods just isn't the best use of it... especially considering the pricing increases in terms of supplies, postage, fees... it just isn't a very sustainable creative outlet for me at the moment.  

Time is a scarce resource, and I am taking what little of it I can this year to invest in my skills as a photographer, build a strong portfolio and have fun curating and styling antique auction hauls. 


I have a few leather goods already made, and they will be slowly introduced in the next shop updates, but I am putting my tools away for the foreseeable future. 

The fist shop drop will be happening by the end of this month. Make sure you subscribe to my newsletter, to be the first to know about it!


Here are a few of the treasures you'll be able to grab soon! 

antique brass candlesticks
vintage ceramic jug
antique brass figurine
antique copper kettle

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