Seasonal gift guide - slow made goods from ethical brands

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...featuring a few of my favourite artists and brands. 

Hello & welcome! 

I have promised you on Instagram that I will put together a gift guide that will include items created by other brands, not just myself, and I have finally carved the time for it. 

It's 5:45am, I'm yet to sleep, so I'll keep this short and sweet: 

I know the increased cost of living has impacted all of us this year, and you might choose to opt for a budget-friendly gift this Christmas. I get that. 

I'm doing a Secret Santa with my family, so instead of buying several gifts, I put as much care as I can into one special gift for a special someone. This way, there will be gifts under the tree, gifts with meaning and purpose, slowly, ethically made, from people that care about quality, durability and their impact on the environment. 

With that in mind, I invite you to take a look at a few of the creators that inspired me this year, whose products I can vouch for, having tested and used them myself. 

These are in random orders, there's not best and worst on this list!

leather boots

Proper shoes - Lanx Shoes
High quality leather shoes and boots made in England 
I have several pairs from them and I wear them constantly!
red dress
100% Natural Knitwear | Made in Cumbria, England by OUBAS 
I own the Eden dress in Sienna and it's my favourite garment at the moment. The quality is unparalleled to anything else I've ever worn!
mountain painting

 Beautiful art by Feather and Wild 

Sadly I do not own any piece by Victoria, but I'm dreaming of adding a large painting to one of the workshop walls some time in the future! 

 hand woven scarf

 Hand woven scarves and plaids inspired by Scottish scenery - Feather & Hay

I am in love with everything Georgina creates - her beautiful, so beautiful hand woven story plaids, her moody photos and her fairy tale-like videos; she's my biggest source of inspiration on Instagram and the scarf pictured has been keeping me toasty since 2021. 

 gift boxes

Hand poured candles, wax melts and more by Bous Candles

I mean, need I say more? It's candle season!

 I have a few more ideas, however I have not managed to source pictures for them:

Linen & Hemp clothing, hand made in France by L. Wood.

Pyrography art, UK, by Stef Butler Agni Prasada Burning

Hand made pottery and jewellery, UK, by The Kindred Workshop

Clothing, accessories and homewares from TOAST 

Lastly, I can shily raise my hand here- although most of my items are made to order, thus there's very little time to get any of my products in time for Christmas, but you can have a look nevertheless at the Shop


I hope you will find something beautiful in any of these shops. Let me know in the comments if you have any suggestions yourself! 

 Photo credits: all mine, except Feather & Hay + Bous candles - credits to the respective owners. 


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