January - a return to slow living

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As I am writing this, it's 8pm on the last Sunday of January. My tax return is due in 3 days, and is, of course, unfinished. 

I have a few leather goods waiting to be finished on the workshop table, and a few e-mails waiting for replies. 

All very important matters that I am unable to shift my focus to, because it's Sunday, it's been a long month, and February announces itself a little busy, so I am soaking up every moment of peace this evening has to offer. 

 January has been a month of background work, admin tasks, renovation projects that will hopefully path the way to a slow February, focused on creative ideas, photography and styling, new leather goods, sorting out and taking photos of a few antiques scattered in our attic and building a photography portfolio. 

Things will shift a little for this brand; leathercraft will start sharing the stage with my passion for photography, sustainable ware, books and antiques. 
The shop will feature a few new categories of items, all ready to ship, as I am pulling away from the 'made to order' loop. 

If you're reading this, thank you for still being here after my long break in 2023. 

Here are a few pictures from a cake I baked today, photographed on the dining table in the last blinks of afternoon light. 

Cake recipe from Linda Lomelino's blog "Call me cupcake" 

blood orange upside down cakerose wine moody food photographyLewis Percy by Anita BrooknerBlood orange cake

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