Striving for Sustainability

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As of January 2018, we have made it our mission to run a more sustainable business.

We have managed to cut back drastically on the use of plastics, as well as cutting back on waste in our life, business and charity missions. 

-We have creates a few products that are built ONLY from leather scraps (currently available in our Etsy store, coming soon here as well!). 

-Ever since we have purchased a tiny cabin in November 2018, we have embraced a more waste-free lifestyle, slowly turning our lives around. 

In the past few months, we have experimented with composting in our back yard and we can say that tiny leather scraps CAN be composted, as long as the leather is vegetable tanned. (Chrome tanned leather would leak chemicals into the soil, thus affecting the crops). 

As much as we'd love to share photos, we have to wait until we take a fresh bag of scraps there, as there's no beauty in a pile of rotten leather scraps!

We have changed our packaging supplier and most of our leather & much more! 

Read our complete Sustainability Statement here

Stay in touch for more news about our new products, sustainable practices and charity work, as well as exciting offers and sales! 


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