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dark cottagecore photography

Hello, welcome!

If this were a real room, I'd offer you the best spot in the house, bring you some tea and the finest cup to drink from before you even had the chance to take your shoes off. 

Since that's not possible, I'll settle for "I'm so glad you're here, reading this!" which does not convey really how glad I am to have your attention for a minute.  


I don't have much to say today, mostly because I have too much to say about this new project of mine and until I gather my thoughts and organise them, I'll save you the trouble of having to detangle an incoherent mass of phrases thrown at random. 

I want this to be an introduction to what is hopefully going to be a series of articles about what artful living is and why do I claim to know anything about it. Don't worry, I'm not slowly dragging you into a cult of any kind. 


In this corner of the Internet I will share about living intentionally; about photography, travel, forest walks on misty mornings, warm woollen sweaters, slow fashion, minimalism, indie music, my craft, slow and well made goods, books, antiques, art, food and everything else that I share chaotically on social media at the mercy of algorithms. 


I find autumns a season of inspiration, yet a certain platform I won't name *choughs* Instagram *choughs* is slowly killing my drive to share photos and videos about the above just to see them crash and burn in the pits of oblivion. Let this be a space where we don't have to battle bots, ads and algorithms to get to see as much as a photo of a cup of coffee or a forest covered in mist. 

Speaking of forests, here are a few snaps from a recent van trip through Scotland. pine forest covered in mist, photograph by carmina andra

foggy morning in the Scottish Highlands

van trip through Scotland photography by carmina ardelean


Photography by yours truly. Find more on Instagram @carminaandra

Current favourite coffee cup from Toast photographed in my tiny home library. 

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  • Looking forward to reading more!

    I understand your frustrations with a certain social media site andngiw it can suck the enjoyment and motivation from you. I hope you’ll enjoy writing you blog as much as I’ll enjoy reading it.

    Andy on

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