Sustainability Statement

Minimalism is at the core of our professional and personal lives. We strive for less waste, less pollution and less unnecessary use of resources. Tiny house & waste free enthusiasts, we are constantly working on minimizing our footprint, both in our work space and personal life. Here's how:

We have set up a home based workshop, to reduce energy, water and heating fuel consumption, as well as reduce our carbon footprint through eliminating daily commute. 

We design Minimalist goods that are simple in form and function; we avoid using  unnecessary embellishments to prevent excessive use of leather. 

We create durable leather goods that are repairable and come covered by our  Lifetime guarantee, to prevent early disposal that leads to landfilling. 

Our leather goods are hand stitched for extreme durability. 

All of our products are designed, created and packed in our workshop, without use of sweatshops, underpaid workers, children or machinery and assembly lines. 

Our main material is vegetable tanned leather, which is safer for the waterways due to lack of chemicals used for tanning. Its strength and durability give our products long lasting qualities. 

We use solid brass, copper and stainless steel hardware that does not rust with years of use.  

We provide leather care instructions and products to help our customers preserve their leather goods, in order to maximize their lifespan.

 We seek to upcycle, reuse and re-purpose boxes, envelopes and other packaging materials that we receive when ordering our supplies. 

When shopping locally, we shop packaging free, or opt for items with maximum recycled content (for example, products packed in 100% recycled packaging). 

 Our packaging is designed for thorough recycling. Most items come packed in boxes, with plastic-free tape & other packaging materials. 

We use up even the smallest pieces of leather in creating tiny furniture pulls, cable organizers or cuff links. 

We compost all the remaining leather scraps that are beyond use, along with food waste, paper  and other compostable materials in our compost bin, and we use the compost in our garden. 

Our values include: sustainable & waste free practices, fair trade, small business, transparent crafting methods and clear material descriptions. 

For any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at