Lifetime Guarantee

Our products are designed and crafted by hand with care, using the finest materials available in our trade and employing techniques that have been tested for centuries by generations of leather artisans. However, since we're just imperfect humans, we might make mistakes, a thread might go awry or an item can get damaged in transit. 

This applies to the workmanship only, such as stitching and rivets setting / attachments of the hardware. 

Read all about our Quality, including stitching and hardware here.

Every piece of leather ages differently and develops a unique patina according to a few factors, such as: the frequency of use & environment, how often they are conditioned, storage and so on.

Thus, we cannot guarantee perfect aging for our goods unless you do your part in taking proper care of them. We've compiled a small guide on how to take care of veg tan leather goods. 


In the rare event that the stitching on your product comes undone due to any factors; please contact us. We will ask you to mail your item to us & we will re-stitch the item completely or just make additional stitches, depending on the damage. If the stitching is undone due to normal wear and tear, there will be no cost involved. If the fault lays within improper use or other incidents, a fee will be charged for repairing the item(s).



We try our best to source heavy duty hardware such as clasps, screws and rivets. We work mostly with stainless steel and solid brass to make sure the hardware does not rust over the years.

If any rivet comes undone, a clasp breaks, we will replace these parts for free. 

In the case of easily replaceable items such as screws and screw-on studs, we can send those items directly to you to save your product an unnecessary cross-countries trip. 

In the case of custom made items that involve hardware with extra color coating (for example, studs with antique bronze finish), the color might rub off and reveal the inner metal. If that happens, we cannot replace these parts. We recommend purchasing items with solid brass or stainless steel metal hardware. 



For manufacture defects, please contact us withing 7 days from receiving the product and we will replace of repair the item for free. 

Items that have been used for any amount of time, after the 7 days windows no longer apply for "manufacture defects" and will be dealt with on a case to case basis. 

Please make sure you always contact us before sending any item to us to obtain the return address.

We will need 3 things from you in order to ensure the process goes as fast and as smooth as possible:

1. A close-up photo or more with the damage of the item to advise on the best solution.

2. Your invoice/order number and date of purchase.

3. Shipping payment for sending the item from us back to you or for sending replacement parts. 

EXCEPTIONS: In case of loss of parts, such as screw covers on our leather pulls or nuts from bolts, a small charge might occur on those parts. This Guarantee does not cover damage due to improper use, such as swimming with the leather bracelet on your hand, accidents such as a dog chewing a wallet, spilling coffee on your bag, etc. 

The Guarantee does not include any shipping charges, import or custom tax. Some charge might occur if we need to purchase additional materials (a new buckle for a belt, for example). 

This Guarantee shall be void if the product is re-sold or traded. Only the person who has purchased the item can make a claim. 

If you have any further questions regarding our guarantee or our goods in general, please contact us at